16 kitchen gadgets that can be replaced with a simple knife

creative kitchen gadgets
creative kitchen gadgets

If you’ve ever been to the kitchen section of a Williams-Sonoma or Bed Bath & Beyond, you might be overwhelmed by how many kitchen gadgets there are.

Those multi-colored plastic cutters, peelers, and dicers may seem handy to keep in your kitchen, but they end up mostly being clutter.

And to be honest, you don’t need anything else if you have a high-quality knife. Keep reading to see what not to buy

Apple slicer
Apple slicer

A mandolin slicer comes with a vegetable cutter, cheese slicer, and vegetable julienne slicer. And while I love it, all of this could easily be done with a knife.


While an apple slicer makes perfectly portioned apple slices, it’s really not necessary when you can core and slice that apple yourself.


This 3-in-1 avocado slicer claims to help you split, pit, and slice your avocados “safely and effectively.” Your knife is also a 3-in-1 tool that does all of these things.


With the time it takes for you to find this banana cutter in your kitchen, you could have already cut your banana with a knife.


Be honest: Do you really need a special strawberry cutter to hull and slice strawberries? Of course not. Hull and slice them the old-fashioned way with a knife.


This grape and cherry tomato slicer is kind of a neat idea, but you could save yourself the $10 and do it with two plates and a knife instead.


Pizza cutters are a staple in American kitchens, but completely unnecessary if you have a big chef’s knife.


With a well-honed knife, slicing a tomato is not hard at all. And you can use your hand to keep it in place.


You don’t need a bagel cutter to get a perfect sliced bagel. You’ll save yourself counter space by using your knife instead.


No one needs a butter cutter. A “butter cutter” already exists. It’s called a knife.


While a melon ball scooper is a fine instrument, this melon peeler seems like too much work.
Plus, you can cut the fruit from the tough skin easily enough with knife.


Chopping and cooking with garlic can make your hands smell, but a cute little garlic chopper likely won’t make much of a difference if you’re still handling it.
Instead, use a high-quality knife to chop up the garlic and try not to touch the cloves too much with your fingers.


Unless you eat hard-boiled eggs everyday, I’m guessing you’d never use this egg slicer and wedge.


This mango slicer claims to remove the pit and slice the mango all in one smooth motion. You could also just cut up your mango and de-pit it with your knife.


While anyone with braces might appreciate a tool that cuts the kernels from a corn cob, it’s really not that hard to do yourself.


Last but not least, a company created an orange peeler tool that says it’s “perfect for men without fingernails or women who don’t want to damage theirs.”


Let’s just use our knives, shall we?

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If we're not supposed to have midnight snacks, then why is there a light in the fridge?

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