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Welcome to the Delicous-Food website
Delicious-food.tv allows you to use the services and content of this website, which are subject to the terms of use listed below. The terms of use apply to all content and services of the Delicious-food.tv website.
By using the website, the user accepts these terms of use and any changes or additions to them. It is considered that users are familiar with the current rules of use and have understood them in their entirety at all times, by using the portal or any part of it.

No part of the Delicious-food.tv website may be used for illegal purposes or to promote such purposes. The Delicious-food.tv website provides visitors with the use of its content in good faith.
The Delicious-food.tv website consists of its own content, content from partners and advertisers, free content, and links to external pages. Delicious-food.tv contains links to websites of third parties. The Delicious-food.tv publishes links in good faith and cannot be held responsible for the content outside the website. Use the content outside the website at your own risk.
The Delicious-food.tv website is not responsible for the content of advertiser pages on this website, nor for any damage caused by advertising on it.
The Delicious-food.tv website publishes content in good faith. Use all content of the Delicious-food.tv website at your own risk and Delicious-food.tv website cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by its use.

Delicious-food.tv holds copyright on all its own content (textual, visual, and audio materials, databases, and programming code). Documents, data, and information published on the Delicious-food.tv website may only be used for the individual needs of the user and at their own risk, respecting all copyright and ownership rights and the rights of third parties.
Unauthorized use of any part of the portal is considered a violation of the copyright of the Delicious-food.tv website and is subject to litigation.
The Delicious-food.tv website disclaims any responsibility that may arise in any way from, or is in any way connected to, the use of the Delicious-food.tv website for any actions of the user/visitor using or misusing the content on the Delicious-food.tv website, and for any damage that may be incurred by the user/visitor or any third party in connection with the use or misuse of the content of the Delicious-food.tv website.
If you believe that the Delicious-food.tv website has violated your copyright, the case will be immediately considered and the disputed content will be removed immediately after the eventual establishment of the truthfulness of the complaint.

The views expressed in articles, columns, and comments are the personal views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Delicious-food.tv website editorial board. Delicious-food.tv website is not responsible for the data, opinions, and descriptions of driving mentioned in the texts. The photographs published in the articles are the property of the indicated authors. If someone’s copyright has been violated, please contact us and we will consider the copyright and apologize for the photograph’s removal.

Delicious-food.tv website protects the privacy of users to the greatest extent possible.
Delicious-food.tv website is committed to using the data obtained from users during the use of the portal in good faith and will not distribute or sell private data to third parties without the user’s permission.

Delicious-food.tv website portal reserves the right to change or modify the terms of use of the portal without prior notice. Any change will be published at Delicious-food.tv website. The use of any content on the Delicious-food.tv website is considered to be familiar with and in agreement with the latest rules.
These rules are in effect since August 2022.

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